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IM001503.jpg - 1200 x 1600 IM001503.jpg (1200x1600)
This is my mission: teaching this parrott to say "Linux Rules"!

IM001505.jpg - 1600 x 1200 IM001505.jpg (1600x1200)
A nice house in the middle of the country.

IM001529.jpg - 640 x 480 IM001529.jpg (640x480)
Cats and birds can live together only if... they have the same Mom!

IM001530.jpg - 640 x 480 IM001530.jpg (640x480)
A view of Chico's golf course. One day the PGA will be played here...

IM001531.jpg - 640 x 480 IM001531.jpg (640x480)
Ladies and gentlemen... The creek!

IM001532.jpg - 640 x 480 IM001532.jpg (640x480)
Thanks to the hot Californian climate, it's easy to see where the golf course ends, and the wild country begins!

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