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dscn1988.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn1988.jpg (1024x768)
That is just incredible: I turn on the TV for the first time and I find teen-agers setting themselves on fire using an anti-perspirant. How to create smarter teens?

dscn1989.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn1989.jpg (1024x768)
Just in case someone thought that this chewing gum was low on calories...

dscn1990.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn1990.jpg (1024x768)
The main hall of the Hyatt hotel, seen from the eighth floor.

dscn1991.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn1991.jpg (1024x768)
Another view inside the Hyatt hotel. Those elevators have the side facing the hall that is completely transparent... so cool!

dscn1992.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn1992.jpg (1024x768)
Downtown Rome, we are not used to see such modern buildings.

dscn1994.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn1994.jpg (1024x768)
The "clue" night of the conference: all exhibitors are getting ready.

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