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dscn0081.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn0081.jpg (1024x768)
With the low tide, a... brown coast comes out.

dscn0083.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn0083.jpg (1024x768)
Not so green... but very nice.

dscn0084.jpg - 576 x 768 dscn0084.jpg (576x768)
The Tony Knowles Coastal Bicycle Trail; that's where I took the pictures above.

dscn0085.jpg - 576 x 768 dscn0085.jpg (576x768)
No beach umbrellas...

dscn0086.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn0086.jpg (1024x768)
I've been told that Alaskan Summer is very green. April was not quite like that.

dscn0095.jpg - 1024 x 768 dscn0095.jpg (1024x768)
This is the Turnagain Arm. Its name comes from the first explorers: when they started to sail inside it, they saw that the tide was getting lower and lower...

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